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As English version of Vira Suppliles Ltd Part. Is still under crude, the crude information of our company
is as follow:-

We are an A/V system integrator, that is giving consult, design and install services for audio-visual system for auditorium, class-room, etc..

Se also sell audio-visual equipment.  At the same time we mostly import audio-visual installation equipment such as projector mounts, signal sockets, projector lifts, TV lifts LCD monitor lifts,
etc.,  as                             

we cannot obtain suitable gears from other importers    
However, we will soon import more of audio-visual equipment very soon.


Vira Supplies Limited Partnership
81-83 Chalermketr Lane 1, Chalermketer Road,Watdebsirintr Area, Pomplab Satrupai District,Bangkok 10100
Tel: 66 2 221 1424 | Fax: 66 2 224 9237 | e-mail :